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Omiya Bonsai Village


Omiya area in Saitama Prefecture is renowned for one of the world's most important bonsai towns that have been creating high quality bonsai. Omiya Bonsai Village consisting of five bonsai nurseries has a ninety-year history since its beginning.

Seikou-en Mansei-en Kyuka-en Fuyo-en Toju-en Transportation access map

  • Seikou-en was originally founded during the Kaei period (1848-54) in Edo and moved to Omiya Bonsai Village in 1943. Seikou-en pursues to achieve a sense of the season as well as the refined taste and beauty by passing down the art of Edo. Saika Bonsai is particularly popular, which Seikou-en created by being inspired by charming appearance of the plants living on old tiles.

  • Mansei-en, the oldest nursery in Omiya Bonsai Village, opened in 1925. The nursery specializes in Sosaku (creative) bonsai, creating scenery with depth using various kinds of bonsai including Yezo-matsu (Picea jezoensis). The owner is dedicated to caring for bonsai meticulously every day with a belief that he creates a landscape that people can enjoy for decades. You can see his works that reflect his dedication.

  • Kyuka-en cultures more than 300 kinds of bonsai ranging from its specialty of accessory plants to introduced species and garden plants. Particular care is given to how shears are used so that bonsai trees capture as natural image as possible.

  • Known as "The Nursery of Deciduous Trees" and "The Nursery of Arrangement", Fuyo-en focuses particularly on deciduous trees and arrangement. You can enjoy those deciduous trees throughout the year - fresh green leaves in spring, colored leaves and fruits in autumn and elegant branches in winter, which contrasts with the impressions that we get from strong pine trees.

  • Toju-en makes a number of Goyo-matsu (Pinus parviflora) and Shohin bonsai. Bonsai workshops have been held for beginners so that more people get interested and share the enjoyment of bonsai.